Deb Simpson   
Award Winning Author

    C'est Magnifique!
    City of Lights

    Paris was all that I
    dreamed, all that I hoped.
    I am in love with this city,
    with its architecture, its
    beauty, its way of life.  

    The Tour D'Eiffel peeking
    through the treetops
    appearing unexpectedly
    between building and cafes.
    Walking along the Seine, the
    Musee D'Orsay on my right,
    the bridges of Paris on my
    left, a soft breeze carrying
    the smells of fresh beignets.  

    Paris is a magical city, a
    place I longed to visit, a
    place I will visit again.  

    Paris Je t'aime!
Eiffel Tower Paris 2009
Eiffel Tower Paris 2009
Paris 2009
Eiffel Tower Paris 2009