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Pink Place by Deb Simpson
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One Moment One Memory One Motion by Deb Simpson
    Heaven's Gate Cult
    A Biography

    March 26, 1997, Rancho Santa Fe, CA:
    39 members of the Heaven's Gate Cult commit the largest
    mass suicide  on US soil

    Just Five weeks later, May 13, 1997, Atlanta, GA:
    Another cult member, another suicide.

    This time it's personal
    Praise from Readers

    " Deb Simpson’s familial voices ring with authenticity, call out
    to us from the pages of Closing the Gate, and pull the reader
    into the midst of a deeply troubled family where Simpson’s
    conversational tone insists that we pay attention. She writes
    with great courage and honesty in examining Jimmy’s plight:
    his dream of a place to call home, his tumble into the world of
    a cult, and the inevitable downward spiral that his lonely life
    takes. She causes us to examine and reflect on the crucial
    developmental years and every child’s yearning to belong.

    Susan Ashley Michael, author of
  • Crossing The Bridge of Sighs
  • Toys in the Sand: Recovering Childhood Memories in
    Lakeville, Massachusetts
Closing The Gate
Silver Medal Winner
Global Ebook Awards !
"One Moment, One Memory, One Motion by Deb Simpson
is truly remarkable collection of poetry.  Its subject matter is as
serious as its writing is accessible.  One Moment, One Memory, One
Motion tells Deb’s story of living through and recovering from
sexual abuse.

There is no need for fantastic circumstance or obscure literary
reference; the events and emotions conveyed carry more than
enough power.  She has no need for pretense or literary
cryptology.  What she does is spin memory and pure emotion into a
tapestry as clearly seen, intricate, and unique as the illustrations on
almost every page of the book.

While the collection is about overcoming sexual abuse, not every
poem is one of hurt and pain.  Poems such as “Mama’s Face” and
“Pink Place” are sweet and peaceful, recollections of the sorts of
places we all hopefully have.  “Pendulum of the King” reasserts the
kind of faith it takes to make it through adversity, whether it be
that of abuse or simply despair.

One Moment, One Memory, One Motion goes further than
exploring pain and hardship, extending back to recovery.  Indeed,
while the collection as a whole was quite well done, I found the most
inspired work to be that concerning overcoming the past.  Perhaps
it is the more universal nature of these poems that I find appealing.  
The entire collection inspires feeling, but poems like the
aforementioned “Pendulum of the King” and “Reclaiming and
Renaming” are applicable to my own life.

In short, One Moment, One Memory, One Motion is a superbly
written and powerfully felt collection of poems.  While the subject
matter may mean that it’s not a book for everyone, it is an
incredibly enlightening book for those willing to give it a chance."
Matthew Watts, Murfreesboro, TN
ISBN:  978-0-557-42967-7
USA $ 10.95  
One Moment, One Memory, One Motion
can make a difference in the life of another.

May your life be filled with many wonderful
Moments, Memories and Motions.
    One Moment
    One Memory
    One Motion
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