Closing The Gate
Five Fast Facts
about the Heaven's Gate Cult

The Heaven’s Gate Cult committed the largest mass suicide on US Soil

Several  of the male cult members had been castrated

The cult  had been in existence for more than 20 years, under various names

After the  mass suicide, 3 former members took their own lives

Former cult members continue to maintain the  website, distribute  literature,  and
speak/write about their beliefs, and the harvest....yet to come
(GABBY)  1996

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Deb Simpson Jimmy Portland 1962
I hold you in my heart as I once
held you in my arms.

Deb 9, Jimmy 9 months,
Portland OR 1962
Jimmy's drawing of the "39"
departed class members
Deb & Jimmy
Tampa FL 1996
(last picture together)
Deb & Jimmy
Portland OR 1962
Deb & Jimmy
Portland OR 1962
Deb & Jimmy
Portland OR 1962
Jimmy 2 weeks & Kathleen
Seattle, WA 1961
Jimmy 2 weeks
& Jim
Seattle, WA 1961
Jimmy 14 months
Seaside OR 1963
Jimmy 7 months
Portland OR 1962
Jimmy 16 months
Portland OR 1963
Jimmy The Monkneybug
7 months
Portland OR 1962
Jimmy, Deb & Kathleen
Portland Or 1962
Jimmy 1st Birthday
Portland OR 1962
Jimmy & Santa
Atlanta, GA 1966
Jimmy 13 yrs
Norfolk VA
Jimmy 27 & "Doomer 16
Atlanta, GA 1986
Jimmy's Note to Himself
May 13, 1997

The day he took his own life
Central State Hospital
Milledgeville GA
Where Kathleen was hospitalized 1964
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The Away Team Patch
worn by the 39  class
members involved in the
mass suicide
Cult Names, & Nicknames
Written by Jimmy
Left Behind in  his apartment
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Closing The Gate