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Praise from Readers

    " Deb Simpson’s familial voices ring with
    authenticity, call out to us from the pages of
    Closing the Gate, and pull the reader into the
    midst of a deeply troubled family where
    Simpson’s conversational tone insists that we
    pay attention. She writes with great courage
    and honesty in examining Jimmy’s plight: his
    dream of a place to call home, his tumble into
    the world of a cult, and the inevitable
    downward spiral that his lonely life takes. She
    causes us to examine and reflect on the crucial
    developmental years and every child’s
    yearning to belong.

    Susan Ashley Michael, author of
  • Crossing The Bridge of Sighs
  • Toys in the Sand: Recovering Childhood
    Memories in Lakeville, Massachusetts
Closing The Gate
Silver Medal Biography
Global Ebook Awards
Author: Deb Simpson
Publisher: Piney D Press